Hacking your Scientific Atlanta/Rogers digital cable box

Ok, so it’s not so much hacking, but the only thing I learned today that I thought was kind of cool.

I’ve had “channel problems” for like the past 2 years almost (and never got off my ass to call up about it until recently) with just two channels – Showcase Action and Showcase Diva (I didn’t know about Diva until the other day when I figured I’d add it to my fav list, since I normally never watched it, but now it was free and such so why not – just stating this because Showcase Diva is a somewhat “fruity” channel, and single guys should typically not admit to watching it). It was a really odd problem since all my other channels came in fine, and I had no internet problems (I have cable internet). Those two channels would either appear to have severe packet loss, or just appear as nothing (black screen) – not even audio.

Anyways, the repair guy came in and showed no mercy in fucking up my lovely cabling so he could figure out the problem – and it turns out it was the bloody splitter box (1 in to 2) they had given me a long time ago. It was flaky and was causing almost complete signal loss at just a specific frequency that I couldn’t get those 2 channels. Yay, now I have Showcase Action again!

However, the cool part I learned was watching him check some diagnostics info while doing his debugging… with the tv and digital box powered on, he pressed and held the Select button for a few seconds (my digital box displays this envelope icon on the front of it when you’ve held it down long enough), and then pressed the Info button. That’s all you need to do to bring up a bunch of diagnostic information on the screen. My box has 25 pages worth which I can flip through using page up/down on the remote control.

Pretty damned cool if you ask me :-) Try it yourself – it shouldn’t damage anything so long as you don’t edit any settings in any windows (which I don’t think you can) and you can look at a bunch of numbers and stuff that probably mean nothing to you anyways.

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